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Frontier Gallery has been in  business since 1991, specializing in old antique firearms and stuff from the Old West & Frontier era's.  Our main focus is Old West and Frontier firearms up to and including WWII. And we LOVE what we do.

We believe that the history and development of these old guns is what makes the old guns so much fun to own and shoot.  It's such a wonderful experience to shoot a firearm that was made in 1790, 1862 or 1943.  It's real history in your hands.  Another great plus is the increase in value that old guns have enjoyed for decades.

Dave, (the chief cook and head bottle washer), has  been involved with old guns for over 30 years. He has had many rare firearms through the years. Guns like Colorado Territory Spencer's, factory Engraved Presentation Henry Rifles from 1862, rifles presented to Kings and many, many more.   One of his favorite rifles to shoot is the Evans rifle made from 1871 to 1879.

If you have old guns you want to sell come on by and we will take a look at what you have.  After a careful and thorough evaluation we will present you with your selling options, sell outright or consignment.